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Acumen for Schedule and Project Risk

Optimize your project schedule and pave the way to project success

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Sound scheduling is the cornerstone of project success 

Building a superior project plan depends on a sound schedule

A quality schedule is the basis of a good project plan. At TruEdge Solutions, we specialize in providing project management consulting and data analytics services for the construction/engineering industry. We know what it takes to create and manage a schedule that you can rely on. And we have decades of experience solving complex construction scheduling issues before they turn into setbacks.

TruEdge Solutions + Deltek—experience the power of our partnership

We’ve partnered with Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, to take your scheduling optimization to the next level. Using the Deltek Acumen tool suite, we’ll deliver actionable insights via customized reports and dashboards to ensure your planners, schedulers, and executives have a true understanding of scheduling impacts so they can plan accordingly. 

DELTEK Acumen Fuse
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The Deltek Acumen tool suite takes project analysis and schedule optimization to the next level. Acumen Fuse ensures a solid, reliable project schedule in minutes, while Acumen Risk eliminates the statistical and logical challenges of typical risk models. Automatically generate schedule scenarios and make smart acceleration a reality with Acumen 360. And Acumen Touchstone fully automates the schedule submission process while adhering to your company’s quality criteria, best practices, and standards.

The Deltek Acumen tool suite empowers you to:


VALIDATE the quality of the initial baseline schedule. Quickly recognize schedule flaws.

MANAGE schedule updates & identify trends. Analyze updated versions of your schedule to quickly identify changes and report on trends. 

IDENTIFY project acceleration options & assess risk at every step of the project lifecycle.

DISCOVER areas of improvement to quickly pinpoint low-quality scheduling techniques, improve project schedule & make informed decisions with data.

TRACK thousands of activities, across projects and platforms, for a clear view of your entire program. 


FULLY AUTOMATE the schedule collection process: Stop the manual, lengthy, & resource-intensive process of schedule integration.

GUARANTEE schedule quality. Adhere to your organization’s schedule quality criteria including metrics, best practices, & standards.

ALIGN owner/contractor processes and expectations by providing a single, centralized repository for storing, evaluating, & benchmarking schedules.


ENSURE configuration management by having all accepted & rejected project schedules by period, in one database.

LOCATE & PULL the correct version of the schedule at any time, significantly minimizing mistakes, while saving time & resources.



Partner with TruEdge Solutions today to make it happen.

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