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Improve your estimates... boost your capture rate


Fine-tune your estimate quality, bid with confidence, and win!

TruEdge Solutions understands the importance of a quality bid. We know that bids based on accurate estimating significantly increase your chances of improving your capture rate and achieving your profit goals. And we have the expertise to improve your overall estimate quality—from start to finish. Working collaboratively with you, we’ll collect, validate, and optimize your data across multiple systems to align estimating and project tracking and help you make more informed strategic decisions. 

Our Estimating Services include:

ESTIMATING ASSESSMENT: Evaluate existing estimating processes, tools, and systems and make recommendations for improvement.

DATA ALIGNMENT ACROSS MULTIPLE SYSTEMS: Ensure your estimating, scheduling, and work management data are standardized and structured to meet your specific needs.

INTEGRATION OF ENTERPRISE-WIDE SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE: Harmonize the flow of information along the Project Management continuum for a seamless, reliable, and more meaningful user experience.

ENHANCEMENT OF COST CHALLENGE PROCESS: Generate business intelligence, analytics, and a suite of reports that you can rely on for superior planning, bidding, benchmarking, and decision making.

BID REVIEW PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Guide you through the process, as well as develop helpful guidelines, forms, and checklists to ensure your bid reviews stay on track.

REVIEW OF BID QUALITY: Assess estimate, project contract, schedule, cash flow, resource management, and risk management to pinpoint and address bid quality obstacles.

TRAINING: Develop and deliver customized training for new estimating tools and processes.



Partner with TruEdge Solutions today to make it happen.

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