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Elecosoft® Powerproject

Construction Project Management Software 

Power your construction projects with intuitive scheduling


A simpler way to plan, track and manage your projects.

Building a reliable schedule doesn’t have to be complicated

With the right tool in the right hands—building and managing project schedules can be fast, easy, and flex with your needs. At TruEdge Solutions, we use the best available software—including Elecosoft Powerproject— to simplify the project management process, and optimize your project outcomes. 

TruEdge Solutions + Elecosoft®. We make complex projects simple

We’ve partnered with Elecosoft, a maker of market-leading software solutions, to help you successfully plan and manage projects of all sizes. Elecosoft Powerproject® is an award-winning tool designed specifically for construction project management. Using Powerproject, we will visualize and build your schedule in minutes, create custom templates tailored to your industry and unique needs, and deliver a powerful plan that you can share—quickly and easily.  We'll deliver the business insights you need to make informed decisions, collaborate seamlessly, and simplify stakeholder management throughout the project.  

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Powerful and scalable project planning software that you can rely on.

Deliver better projects by planning your next project in a tool designed for construction, and related industries.

Technology with proven construction credentials: 

Easily integrates with other software:  Work directly with files from MS Project and P6 within Powerproject then redistribute the project in the format your client needs.

Gives you control:  Tailor the project plan to your audience with adaptable layouts, customizable views, and powerful reports that you can see throughout the project lifecycle. 

Makes communication seamless:  Use project data book in/book out to engage with subcontractors or communicate progress updates to stakeholders.

Improves project outcomes with scenario simulations: Develop multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to explore the best outcome for your project. Powerproject clearly displays the evidence needed to communicate your plans. 

Maintains visibility of costs: Analyze budgeted, planned, and actual costs against time. Model cost data using man-hours, quantity, fixed and variable rates. Track and report on cash flow analysis.  

Checks compliance against industry/company standards: With Powerproject’s Schedule Quality Checker, you can determine the parameters of your own checks or use the pre-configured industry metrics (developed in partnership with the DCMA and CIOB) to ensure your plan’s compliance. 

Mitigates risks in your plan: A built-in risk analysis tool assesses project risks to create more accurate and attainable schedules that adhere to deadline and budget. 

Protects against litigation with evidence: Multiple progress period tracking, and unlimited baselines offer a complete picture of the project’s evolution to provide the answers and evidence needed to overcome project performance challenges or disputes. 


Partner with TruEdge Solutions today to make it happen.

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